Стефи Сельма (Stéfi Celma)

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    Stéfi Celma in Paris, november 2015

    Born(1986-10-09) 9 October 1986 (age 31)
    OccupationActress, singer
    Years active2006–present

    Stefi Celma (born 9 October 1986) is a French actress and singer.


    Stefi Celma was born in Paris to Martinican parents.

    Since her very early years she has been fascinated by music. When she was 4 years old, she took part in the legendary TV show L'École des fans. The famous anchorman Jacques Martin asked her during the show if she wanted to become a singer or an actress, and her answer was: "No!".

    A few years after, she joined the French Conservatory where she started to learn music, how to play piano, to dance and sing.

    In 2007 she took part in the musical Sol En Cirque, written by Zazie, en 2005.[1] Then she joined the team of the live show jukebox musicalJe m'voyais déjà, written by Laurent Ruquier, with Charles Aznavour's songs.

    A casting director drafted her and helped her to find her first artistic agent. Things started then to match with her taste and skills for comedy.

    She appeared in different Tv shows like: Le Frère que je n'ai pas eu, Un Flic: Calibre Caraïbe, Trop jeune pour Toi or La Maison des Rocheville.

    Her first two movie features were Pas très normales Activités directed by Maurice Barthélémy and Les Profs directed by Pierre François Martin Laval.

    Her next steps on the big screen were in Les Profs 2 and Antigang.

    She took part just after that in the successful TV series Dix pour cent produced by France Télévisions.

    Music has always been a major part of her life: as she was playing in the movie Case départ, she co-signed the soundtrack as well.






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    Биография. Стефи Сельма (Stefi Celma) - французская актриса и певица.  Стефи Сельма родилась 9 октября 1986 года в Париже.

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    Стефи Сельма. Имя на родном языке: Stéfi Celma.  Стефи Сельма (Стефи Сельма) снимался(ась).

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    Стефи Сельма. 17 июн 2017, Сб. Имя на родном языке: Stéfi Celma Карьера: Актриса Дата рождения: 9 окт 1986, Чт, прошло 31 год 4 месяца 6 дней Место.

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    биография. Стефи Сельма. Stéfi Celma. последнее обновление информации: 25.02.17. версия для печати.

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    Биография Стефи Сельма / Stefi Celma. Стефи Сельма родилась 9 октября 1986 года в Париже. С детства Стефи увлекалась музыкой.