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  • Eréndira Ibarra y Alfonso Herrera entrevista por Sense8

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    Eréndira Verushka Ibarra Klor was born in Mexico City on September 25, 1985. Daughter of the producer Epigmenio Ibarra, she spent her childhood knowing the artistic media. She studied at CEFAC (Actoral Training Center) from Latin American media network TV Azteca. She also graduated from Blue House School of Performing Arts Argos.

    She became television scriptwriter and in 2005 she was casting assistant for Joaquín Segura’s Acapulco Golden. Her participated as an actress in the short film Alivio directed by Armando Vega-Gil, and a year later in Sexo, amor y otras perversiones 2 by Fernando Sariñana, as Virgin Mary. In 2007, she starred in the first Latin American HBO series Capadocia.

    Later in 2008, she appeared in movies such Casi divas by Issa López, Entre lineas and Juegos Inocentes, Camelia La Texana and Más negro que la noche. She also starred in telenovelas as Deseo Prohibido. She became internationally known for her role of Mariana alongside with Liz Gallardo’s Julia Aparicio in television series Las Aparicio (2010), being the first time openly lesbian roles get representation on Mexican television.

    She also appeared in music videos for Mexican singers Jaime Kohen, and Jesse and Joy duet. In 2012 she starred in the Infames and in the same appeared in movie sequel of Las Aparicio. In 2015, she appeared in Sense8 as Daniela Velazquez, an actress who attended some events as Lito’s companion and then she discovers his true sexual orientation and his secret relationship with Hernando

    Eréndira is also a passionate political activist, she participates on theater activities, independent film projects and promoting environmental protection and awareness.

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    Eréndira Ibarra y Alfonso Herrera entrevista por Sense8

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    Erendira Ibarra is an actress, appearing in Sense8 in the role of Daniela Velazquez. Categories: Cast. Actresses.

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    La actriz es la primera mexicana en una produccion original de Netflix, la serie 'Sense 8', hablada en inglés y realizada en varios países.

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    Erendira Ibarra for Instyle Mexico by Esteban Calderon.  “ Sense8 cast and Lana Wachowski at São Paulo Pride Parade in (x).

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    ‘Sense8’ Actress Eréndira Ibarra Talks LGBT Representation & Sparking a Revolution in Consciousness.

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    Eréndira Ibarra (born September 25, , Mexico City, Mexico), is a Mexican actress. Ibarra is the daughter of producer Epigmenio Ibarra.

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    Erendira Ibarra Club Oficial. Отметки «Нравится»: 15 · Обсуждают: Деятель искусства.