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  • Alison Sudol livestream (4th December 2017)

  • yesterday’s #whalerscove was one of the most surreal and evocative places I’ve ever seen. nature had taken the cove back for itself, and all that is left of the human footprint is in ruins. covered in seals, including a gigantic leopard seal, which we saw lolling about on the beach (spitting up penguin skeletons like sunflower seed husks), sea birds (Wilson’s storm petrels, Skuas, and the occasional Southern Giant petrel), and penguins (including a couple of chin-straps, who are far more curious than the top-cool for school gentoos we keep meeting)...these whale bones serve as a reminder of what happened here, but it does not feel like a graveyard... there is too much life here now. I am constantly astonished by the amount of wildlife in the Antarctic. And also, I said it before, but honestly, how much seals can look like rocks. #protectantarctic#antarctica#alisonsudol#greenpeace#whale#bones#nature @greenpeace


    Alison Sudol livestream (4th December 2017)

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    Элисон Судол последние новости на сегодняшний день. Элисон Судол в инстаграм свежие фото и видео.

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    Если это так, то, пожалуйста, попробуйте перезапустить ваш браузер. Закрыть. Автор: Alison Sudol. Просмотры: 34 266.

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    Публикации на тему: alison sudol.  Элисон Судол - американская исполнительница, композитор и актриса.

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    Элисон Лорен Судол (англ. Alison Loren Sudol, родилась 23 декабря 1984 года), известна как A Fine Frenzy («Прекрасное безумие».

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    The latest Tweets from Alison Sudol Daily (@alisonsudolorg). Upcoming fan site dedicated to talented actress and musician, Alison Sudol.

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    Alison Sudol. BIOGRAPHY. Born: 1985 Singer Famous for: being the gorgeous new girl on the indie music scene.